day countdown (18)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

i have an obsession.

i love clothes.
i constantly look online at websites.
i can envision so many adorable outfits.
i need a job.
cause frankly right now, i don't have any stylish clothes.
sad taylor.

here are my stalked websites:

etc, etc.
tell me about some more?

p.s. dresses are the bomb diggity.
shoe selection ideas?

plain, ole' tired.

even saying that word makes me weary.

currently taking 2 classes at COCC. (physical anthropology & travel literature)
seeing as i don't have a car available to me yet, i sit up here till 7:30 on mondays & wednesdays.
my first class starts at 12:45.
that's almost 8 hours, my friends.
mostly which are spent in the library reading blogs or trying to do homework.
blogging wins every time.

it's quite funny watching my fellow students.
most of them are either in there 30's or 40's. but hey you know, good for them.
2 years & i'll be up in portland, can't wait.

don't worry mr. head phone guy, i see you over there looking at me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i like being home alone.

when i occasionally don't have school, am pmsing, and alone at home; i like to do a number of things.

wake up at 10:30,
leave my hair in it's bed head braid,
wear my comfy clothes (sports bra, cut off shirt & soccer shorts),
take some medicine for the painnn,
make a chocolate cake,
blast glee & uncle kracker from my computer,
eat a lot of cookie dough,
plan my future summers in far away countries,
fill out job applications,
look at clothes online that i wish i could afford,
say i love you to him (: ,
look at harry potter world with my brother,
talk about magic,
stalk people on facebook,
think about writing a book,

i think i'll go eat some cake now.

Friday, September 17, 2010

so here i am sitting at barnes & noble,
& there is the cutest group of old ladies sitting next to me.

knitting club

they all came to knit together at barnes. i find this absolutely adorable.
this makes me want to learn how to knit.
i want to make sweet blankets & scarves.

i hope i'm a cute grandma
that bakes cookies.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i want, scratch that,

i'm going:
  • to be a gardener
  • to have a cute little apartment or house
  • to cook amazing food
  • to be a size 4
  • to change someones life in a good way
  • to have a husky
  • to own a jeep
  • to be able to pull of red lipstick
  • to be 18, just wait
  • to be the best mother
  • to someday understand my genetics homework
  • try hard and go to sleep at acceptable times
  • to exercise my butt off the next 2 months
  • to be a better friend

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

now adults... haaa not.

senior year? check.

growing up? check.

acting mature? occasionally.

i'm fairly blessed with the ability to only have one class this year at the high school, plus the fact it's every other day.

on the other hand, it gives me a sad feeling. this is our last year to enjoy everything high school has to give. this is our last step till adulthood. we'll be out on our own, discovering what life is really about. going off to college, new friends, official jobs, marriage, starting our own families, raising our future prosperity.

time has gone by so fast now, just imagine how much faster the clock will turn from this moment on.

so class of 2011,
do me a couple favors?
live this year to the fullest, celebrate this important part of your life,
reach out to someone, do something you've never done before,
make it worth while.
most of all never forget what it's like to be carefree & reckless.
your only young once.

Monday, September 6, 2010

just confusing.

it's currently 11:28 p.m on monday, september 6th, 2010
& i'm starvingggg.
but i'm just too gosh dang lazy to get up and go to the kitchen.
i should probably go to bed.
i felt like i needed to add something to the blog since
i've been very much denying it of posts.
sorry blog.

i really don't want to wake up early for school everyday.
i think a sweatshirt and ponytail will be very much appropriate this year.
i should start running.
or maybe just exercising in general?
i don't quite understand why i don't,
i do enjoy it a lot when i do.

shoulds of 2010:

  1. go to sleep early.
  2. finish and mail letters to father
  3. duck-tape greg in his sleep
  4. clean my room
  5. actually save money
  6. figure out photoshop
  7. get a jobbbbb
  8. new wardrobe
  9. try something new
  10. figure out why my room is -50 degrees all the time
  11. ask why eyes get watery when you yawn?
  12. add more to this list


Saturday, August 21, 2010

109 days, 18 hours, 8 minutes & 32 seconds

september, october, november, december.
you need to come quicker.
i want long sleeve shirts,
colorful leaves, & a reason to drink hot chocolate.
oh & can't forget snow,
i love it all.
i'll be with my space heater then too.
i can't wait.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

1) you've got the extremely colorful rides.
2) stalls & shops selling everything imaginable.
3) hot, summer days a necessity.
4) cotton candy.
5) sheep, goats, pigs, & cows.
6) henna & airbrush tattoos.
&) people, laughter, happiness

you gotta love the fair (:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

a relationship in which two people pledge themselves to each other in the manner of a husband and wife.

yesterday, i spent the day watching as a man & woman were brought together as one.
it was picturesque,
& something i am absolutely excited for.

of course i don't plan on tying the knot till i'm at least 23.
this most definitely doesn't stop me from anticipating the day i can wear my own white dress, have a bright bouquet in hand, & walk down the aisle towards my handsome groom.
i'm a hopeless romantic.
i have dreams about this crap.

i'd like a quaint, fairy-tale wedding.
colors: baby blue, light pink, & white
season: spring
location: somewhere foresty, lot's of green
first dance song: you & me- lighthouse
males: black tuxs, white ties, blue flowers
females: light pink dresses, blue & white flowers
honeymoon: some white sand, tropical beach

it's still coming together, but there's the giff of it.
i feel pretty pathetic for knowing all of this already.
but i'm positive there are others of my gender planning their dream weddings too.
it's just the thing to do.

Friday, July 23, 2010

when you need a reminder

i'm downstairs enjoying my hot cinnamon spice sunset tea, when i hear crying from upstairs.
it's brooke, and she's crying out for mom.
i know my mom is passed out in her room, so i rush upstairs to comfort her.
she stops crying when i whisper to her, and climb in the bed.
"you okay, brooker?"
"yaa, i love you tayor."

2 minutes later, i have a passed out 3 year old in my arms, snoring.
i untangle myself from her cinderella bed sheets, tuck her in, and smiling, go back to my tea.
funny how my sweet little sister knew just the words to make me instantly feel better.
Brooker, my mini-me, i love you too (:

Heavenly Father gave me the most amazing siblings i could have ever asked for.
and sends me the most perfect way to always remember i am loved.

one box of happiness please

You know what a woman's best friend is?
No, it's not anything shiny like a diamond,
or soft, cuddly like a dog.
Not even some silly boy.


What would the world do without this sweet little piece of heaven?
It makes you happy when your sad, cures pms, or just for those sweet tooth people.
Did you know when you consume it, it creates a feeling of love in your brain?
Yes you heard me, chocolate loves you back.
it's delightful.
plain and simple.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

your love is a song

that last blog was awfully depressing.
trust me, it most definitely won't be like that all the time.
just had one heck of a toughy day.

you know what i adore?
-overly large t-shirts (especially those that smell like a special male)
- colorful bracelets (:
- music that just makes your heart melt
- apples
- being in love

it's amazing how such simple things can boost your days mood levels. especially the music part. for me there are songs that can cure all sadness, make you want to cry your eyes out, or bring many thoughts to your mind. i love that. music has a way of touching each individual in its own special way.